Create a SharePoint site

See how to create a SharePoint site based on a blog template with this end user SharePoint Tutorial.


Video Transcription

Sites are one of the most important building blocks in SharePoint.

Sites allow you to create a structure within your SharePoint portal allowing you to order, sort and group content so it matches the structure of your company. You can build places for HR, IT, your teams, projects or you can build places around topics and knowledge. It makes it easier for people to navigate and to find content.

Sites are containers for lists, libraries and single pages that belong to the topic of the site. It's the place where you store content so it becomes available to other users. It can be crawled by SharePoint and appears in search results if a user has the right permission to view its content.

How to create a SharePoint site

Go to Site Actions and select new site to create a new SharePoint Site. Next you can select a template based on different categories. Each template defines the look and feel of that site and the available functionality. You need to enter a new site name and an URL. You can also define the inheritance of navigation and permission.

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