Create an alert in SharePoint

This end user SharePoint Tutorial shows how to create an alert in SharePoint. There is more than one way to create alerts which is shown in this video.

Video Transcription

Staying up-to-date is important for our daily work to make better decisions. While SharePoint offers different features it has its problems: Different ways to create an alert at different places can be confusing.

Most people know how to create and alert on a document or list item and on a list or library. But there is an easier way to create alerts for different lists at the same time... instead of going to each list and library you can set an alert for multiple libraries at the same time using the way described below.

How to create an alert in SharePoint

Open a SharePoint document library and go to the library tab. Select to set an alert on this library. Change the properties of your alert and save the settings.

Another way to create an alert on a SharePoint list or library is the my settings page where you can manage your alerts. If you add an alert you can select multiple lists and libraries to set an alert.