SharePoint 2010 installation requirements

You need more than the TechNet article about hardware and software requirements to install SharePoint.

I got a lot of problems during the installation process by just giving my customer the link to the TechNet article.

What has helped is a checklist which a customer has to check before I go there and install SharePoint. Usually the checkpoints aren’t done when I arrive at my customer office and they have to be done instead of starting the SharePoint 2010 installation.

So here are my SharePoint 2010 installation requirements which are helping my customers in a better way.

Hardware requirements

Of course the hardware will be ready when you arrive and there are no problems using it. Often the problems start before buying the hardware of afterwards when trying to install the software need.

Don’t get in a discussion about hardware requirements!

If Microsoft says a  Web server, application server or a single server needs at least a 64-bit processer with 4 cores, 8 GB RAM and a hard disk with 80GB space you should trust them.

Software requirements

It’s absolutely clear what you need to install SharePoint 2010 but either the Windows Server 2008 roles and role services are missing or the install media is not available.

Also make sure license keys are available.
You don’t imagine how often these things are missing.

Also think about the SharePoint 2010 installation media including important updates. You can prepare it using slipstream copies… see the link at the end of the post. This way you can skip steps like installing updates for SharePoint or language packs on different servers which saves a lot of time.

SQL Server requirements

The SQL Server installation needs TCP/IP to be enabled using the SQL Server configuration manager. Furthermore the Setup Administrator used to install SharePoint needs to have dbcreator and securityadmin permissions in SQL Server. Please check that since it can easily be missed. Additionally it’s important to check if the SQL Server can be reached from your SharePoint servers using ping.

Active Directory domain accounts

Active Directory domain accounts must be ready… you can’t imagine how much time it takes to create them right now. ;) It’s also a good idea to check if the Setup Administrator is in the administrators group an every server SharePoint will be installed.


If you need to create Web Applications using a host header it’s good to have it prepared before the installation. In bigger companies there are different people involved in host headers, domain account and databases so it’s a good idea to talk to them since they don’t always have time to do things right now.


This is the most important step before you install SharePoint. If someone has done mistakes doing the steps above it will lead to problems during the installation process and trust me you cannot always conclude from the error message to the error.

Tell your customer this isn’t be done to check for bad work…
this is done to have a clean installation without longtime troubleshooting.

Create checklist so you or your customer can verify every requirement needed.