SharePoint Template - Publishing Portal

This article describes the SharePoint 2010 publishing portal… a SharePoint template intended “[…] for an Internet-facing site or a large intranet portal. This site can be customized easily with distinctive branding. It includes a home page, a sample press releases subsite, a Search Center, and a login page. Typically, this site has many more readers than contributors, and it is used to publish Web pages with approval workflows.”

You can find more descriptions of SharePoint templates at:

The team site template is available for

  • SharePoint Server 2010

SharePoint 2010


Here are some screenshots where you can see how the publishing portal looks:

SharePoint 2010 Publishing portal homepage. SharePoint 2010 Publishing portal searchh center without branding.

Common tasks

If you need to do some common tasks as a site member or site owner please have a look at the following tasks including possible differences between SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010:

SharePoint template functionality

The template has the site collection and sites publishing features enabled which gives you the most possibilities to modify SharePoint regarding:

Master pages, page layouts, CSS or the navigation through it’s UI.

The content types used here are the publishing content types for master pages or page layouts and the page layout content types like article page for the content pages.

Template content type usage inside a publishing portal.

SharePoint template development

If you want to use a custom design you can use Deploying Branding Solutions for SharePoint 2010 Sites Using Sandboxed Solutions to brand your publishing portal.



In my opinion this site is used to give you an overview what you can achieve while using SharePoint 2010 web content management and publishing.

You can use it as a demo to show a customer it’s functionality or as a starting point for custom development.

Please take a look at another SharePoint template.