SharePoint Template - Basic Search Center

This article describes the SharePoint 2010 basic search center… a SharePoint template intended “[…] for delivering the search experience. The site includes pages for search results and advanced searches.”

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The basic search center template is available for

  • Search Server 2010
  • SharePoint Server 2010

SharePoint 2010


Here are some screenshots where you can see how the basic search center looks:

Search page of the basic search center. Search resulte page of the basic search center.

Common tasks

If you need to do some common tasks as a site member or site owner please have a look at the following tasks including possible differences between SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010:

SharePoint template functionality

The basic search center comes with 2 lists:

  • Tabs in Search Pages
  • Tabs in Search Results  

Although there are lists you can use to create tabs for your search and search results page they aren’t displayed since the pages of the basic search center don’t contain the control needed to display the tabs. In order to display the tabs you need to use SharePoint Designer and add the control to the pages.

If you have SharePoint Server 2010 installed instead of Search Server 2010 you can create an Enterprise Search Center instead.

Search Server 2010 Express has the same functionality as the SharePoint Server 2010 with the following exceptions since these functionalities are not provided by Search Server 2010 itself:

  • People Search
  • Social Search
  • Taxonomy Integration
  • Multi-Tenant Hosting

Please have a look at Configuring Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2010 for more details.

SharePoint template development

If you want to use a custom design you can use Deploying Branding Solutions for SharePoint 2010 Sites Using Sandboxed Solutions to brand your basic search center.

Note: The search center uses the minimal.master instead of the v4.master so you have to adjust any other master page you are using: Converting a Custom SharePoint 2010 Master Page into a Search Center Master Page.



With the Search Server 2010 (Express) comes a search experience which is almost the same as you get i n SharePoint Server 2010. There are a few functionalities which aren’t available since Search Server 2010 doesn’t offer My Sites or taxonomies. It’s also possible to change the design of the basic search center if you consider the resources listed in the article.

Please take a look at another SharePoint template.