SharePoint Template - PowerPoint Broadcast Site

This article describes the SharePoint 2010 team site… a SharePoint template intended “[…] for hosting PowerPoint broadcasts. Presenters can connect to this site and create a link for remote viewers to watch a slide show in a web browser.”

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The PowerPoint Broadcast site template is available for

  • SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010


Here are some screenshots where you can see how the PowerPoint broadcast site looks:

SharePoint template PowerPoint broadcast template start page. Template lists and libraries. A PowerPoint broadcast as it is displayed in the browser.

Common tasks

If you need to do some common tasks as a site member or site owner please have a look at the following tasks including possible differences between SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010:

SharePoint template functionality

Here is you you can broadcast a PowerPoint presentation… open PowerPoint with a presentation and click Broadcast Slide Show under the Slide Show tab:

Start a broadcast in PowerPoint 2010.

Change the broadcast service or use the selected one.

Add a service allows you to enter the URL of your SharePoint broadcast site:

Use your SharePoint site as the broadcasting service. Add the URL to the SharePoint site.

Send the URL to all attendees of the slide show:

Send the URL to all attendees.

Wait until the presentation is started:

Wait for the PowerPoint presentation to start. See a PowerPoint presentation in the browser.

Supported browser

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8 (works also with Internet Explorer 9)
  • Firefox 3.5 (works also with Firefox 4)
  • Safari 4 on the Macintosh

SharePoint PowerPoint Broadcast Site limitations

See the TechNet article by Microsoft to see more information… although it is about Office Web Apps 2010 it also applies to the site template:

  • “Audio   Slide show audio will not be heard by attendees through PowerPoint. For remote presentations, users may elect to supplement slide show broadcasts with audio through a personal phone call or conference call.
  • Video   Attendees will only see the static poster frame of any video clips.
  • Transitions   Attendees will only see a fade-in transition between slides.
  • Ink drawings and markup   Presenters will not be able to add ink annotations or markup during the broadcast.
  • ActiveX controls   Attendees will see only a static image of the control and will not be able to interact with it.
  • Hyperlinks to other presentations   If the presenter clicks a hyperlink to another presentation, attendees will continue to see the most recent slide the presenter showed in the original presentation.”

SharePoint template development

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Use the PowerPoint broadcast to display a presentation over the browser. Be aware of the capabilities and limitations…

Please take a look at another SharePoint template.