SharePoint Template - Group Work Site

This article describes the SharePoint 2010 group work site… a SharePoint template which “[…] provides a groupware solution that enables teams to create, organize, and share information quickly and easily. It includes Group Calendar, Circulation, Phone-Call Memo, the Document Library and the other basic lists.”

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The group work site template is available for

  • SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010


Here are some screenshots where you can see how the group work site looks:

SharePoint template group work site start page. Templates lists and libraries.

Common tasks

If you need to do some common tasks as a site member or site owner please have a look at the following tasks including possible differences between SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010:

SharePoint template functionality

Please have a look at the resources section below for a detailed overview of the templates functionality.

The group work calendar option which allows you to use the calendar for reservations is enabled by a site feature.

The option to share a member's schedule is available by default while the resrouce reservation is activated by the feature.

Extend the calendar with the reservation option.

The group calendar options is now enhanced with the reservation option:

Go to the calendar list settings. Go to the link to activate the reservation option. 

Here you can enable or disable to share member's schedules (calendar option) and to use this calendar for resource reservation (group calendar option):

Enable or disable the reservation option.

SharePoint template development

If you want to use a custom design you can use Deploying Branding Solutions for SharePoint 2010 Sites Using Sandboxed Solutions to brand your group work site.



The group work site template was an addition to SharePoint 2007 which has been integrated into SharePoint 2010.  There are 2 important things to know: The template has a lot of different functionality which isn’t obvious and has to be explored in details. And it has to be discussed if and how it' fits into the daily work of a team.

Please take a look at another SharePoint template.