SharePoint recycle bin

The SharePoint recycle bin can be used in the same way independently of the SharePoint version you are using and the features you have activated in a template. Anyway you need to be careful planning recycle bin since the site quota plays an important role and the time items are stored inside the recycle bin.

Topics covered in this article:

  • SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010

You can setup the time how items will be kept in the first-stage and second-stage recycle bin at the web application level. The recycle bin keeps:

  • Items
  • Documents
  • Sites (needs SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1)

Enable or disable the SharePoint recycle bin

Go to Application Management > Manage web applications and select the web application you want t modify.

After that click the general settings.

Configure the SharePoint recycle bin using web application settings.

Scroll down and modify the time too keep deleted items as well as the space for the second-stage recycle bin:

Set the time to keep items in the recycle bin.

First-stage recycle bin

If a user deletes an item or document it goes to the first-stage recycle bin where it can be restored.

As a user you need to have Contribute, Design, or Full Control permissions in order to restore an item from the 1st stage recycle bin.

Restore items from the first stage recycle bin.

Comment by Matthew:

"Regarding the 1st Stage Recycle bin, you need to have permissions to restore an item : OK. But as a contributor you can only restore items you have deleted : like a personal Recycle Bin, even if you have access to the library where the document has been deleted."

Second-stage recycle bin

If the item or document is deleted from the first-stage recycle bin it goes to the second-stage recycle bin.

It can be restored only by site collection administrators.

Items are deleted if

  • the maximum size is reached (the oldest items are removed first) or
  • if it is removed by a site collection administrator or
  • if the time of 30 days in one of the recycle bins is reached.

Restore items from the second stage recycle bin.

The first view shows items from the first-stage recycle bin and the second view shows items from the second-stage recycle bin.



If a user deletes an item or document it can be restored for 30 days for both stages(!).