SharePoint alerts and RSS

The SharePoint alerts and RSS feature doesn’t depend on the version of SharePoint you are using and the features you have activated in a template. Furthermore RSS feeds are activated by default and alerts needs an outgoing email server.

Topics covered in this article:

  • SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds which are enabled by default for lists and libraries.

Enable or disable RSS

If you want to disable the RSS feed for the whole site collection or specific sites you can go to Site Actions > Site Settings and RSS under site administration:

SharePoint alerts can be found under site settings.

You can also specify certain default values like copyright and webmaster:

Enable rss feeds per site collection or site.

If you want to configure custom values for a list or library specific RSS feed you can select the library settings in the ribbon and go to configure the RSS settings:

SharePoint rss settings can also be enabled under library settings.

You can set a title, a description or select columns which should be included:

Custom columns can be used to display in RSS feed.

This is a great way to customize RSS settings which was enhanced compared to SharePoint 2007.

Subscribe to RSS

You can subscribe to RSS feeds by going to a list or library:

Subscribe to SharePoint RSS.

Create an alert

In order to create alerts an administrator first needs to configure the outgoing email settings in Central Administration.

Here we go:

Configure outgoing email settings.

You don’t need an iisreset… the alert  button will be displayed immediately and allows you to create a new alert or manage your own alerts:

Create a SharePoint alert.

You can set how often you want to receive an alert:

Configure your SharePoint alert.

Manage my alerts

Alerts can be managed the same way they are created by pressing the alert me button in a list or library:

Manage my alerts.

Did you see the Add alert button at the manage my alert page? See the picture above and you will discover a link to add alerts taking you to the following page:

Subscribe to all alerts in a SharePoint site.

Manage other alerts

If you go to Site Actions > Site Settings you can select user alerts under the site administration category in order to manage SharePoint alerts for other users if you have the permission to do so.

SharePoint Search alerts

SharePoint search alerts are available in SharePoint Server 2010 (not in SharePoint Foundation 2010). Click the tiny left button:

Create a SharePoint search alert.

Here you can now create a new alert or manage your existing search alerts. People can only manage their own alerts:

Manage my SharePoint search alerts.



SharePoint RSS feeds and SharePoint alerts are an easy but effective way to get news about updated content.