SharePoint Navigation

The SharePoint navigation depends on the version of SharePoint you are using and the features you have activated in a template. While you have basic functionality in a team site coming with SharePoint Foundation the functionality is the same in a team site created with SharePoint Server but it can be enhanced by activating features.

Topics covered in this article:

  • SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • SharePoint Server 2010

SharePoint Foundation 2010

The navigation of SharePoint Foundation 2010 offers basic functionality grouped in 3 parts on a team site:

  • Top link bar,
    which is always enabled
  • Quick launch,
    which can be enabled, disabled and configured
  • Tree view,
    which can be enabled and disabled but not configured

SharePoint Navigation has a topn link bar, a quick launch and a tree view.

You can enable or disable the quick launch and tree view under Site Actions > Site Settings:

Go to site settings and edit the SharePoint navigation.

Top link bar - Remove or add an item

Items can be added, removed or renamed using the link shown in the picture above. As the title says it’s only a link bar at the top so we have only basic functionality here: There is no inheritance between sites and items can’t be hidden.

Quick launch - Remove or add a list or library

While creating a new list or library you can decide before creation if you want to show them in the quick launch.

Create a list or library and select if they should appear in the navigation.

if you have already created a list or library you can change the library settings. Select the library and open the ribbon for the library:

Go to list or library settings to change quick launch appearance.

Go to Title, description and navigation:

Select navigation.

Here you can change the title, description and navigation.

Change the navigation settings for the list or library:


You can also go to the site settings as shown in picture 2 and create new navigation links and headings:

Create a navigation category and add a link.

Tree view - remove or add a list or library

Lists and libraries can’t be add, removed or renamed. You can only decide to show or hide the tree view.

SharePoint Server 2010

If you create a team site using SharePoint Server 2010 it has the same functionality as a team site created with SharePoint foundation 2010. Additionally you can create publishing sites with SharePoint Server 2010 and here we have a different set of functionality.

Please notice that the top navigation is missing by design due to the master page. This can’t be changed by an author.

Current navigation in a SharePoint publishing site.

Just go to Site Actions > Site Settings in order to see the available options:

Change navigation settings under site actions.

You have a variety of options for the top and current navigation including

  • Inheritance of navigation items
  • Sorting of navigation items
  • Hiding of navigation items
  • Creating headings and links

Sort the navigation.

You can also enable the tree view which will be visible on the site. The quick launch can also be enabled but will only be visible at a list view or the site settings.


The SharePoint navigation offers different functionality depending on the templates you use. I f you need additional resources please take a look here: