30 PowerShell scripts for the clever SharePoint IT-Pro and developer

To be true I didn’t count the PowerShell scripts for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 but it seems that there are a lot of resources you can use as an administrator or even as a developer for your SharePoint environment.

Here is a short but not complete list of PowerShell scripts out there...

IT-Pro / Administration


Install SharePoint

Installing SharePoint is one of the best things if you have PowerShell scripts...

I like the first link since it shows the most important things I need to create my own scripts.


PowerShell scripts needed by administrators:

A few of them can be used by developers too.


The SharePoint 2010 developer dashboard can be enabled using PowerShell...

Alternatively you can use stsadm or managed code.


Although most of the scripts are SharePoint 2007 they might be helpful as well:

Additional resources

If you have additional PowerShell scripts or resources please leave a comment.