Install SharePoint 2010

This guide helps you to install SharePoint 2010.

The installation process itself is straight forward. Anyway due to the huge amount of different and complex environments SharePoint needs to support there are challenges you need to solve during the installation of SharePoint.

The important thing is a good preparation using the right accounts. With the step by step guide you can successfully install SharePoint.

We are going to setup a SharePoint 2010 environment containing two servers. The first server is an Active Directory server which is already created. The second server contains SQL Server 2008 and SharePoint 2010 which will be done now:

Install SharePoint 2010 on a two server environment.

Windows Server 2008 R2

Add the Application Server role in your server manager. Add the required features if prompted.

Select the Application Server role to install.

Add the Web Server (IIS) role in your server manager.

Select the web server role.

Add the following role services to the Application Server role:

Add the following aplication server role services.

Add the following role services to the Web Server (IIS) role:

Add the following web server role services part 1. Add the following web server role services part 2.

Add the following web server role services part 3.

Note: The ASP and CGI role services are added if you use the pre-requisites installer to configure Windows Server. I don’t know why they are needed.

Administrative and Service Accounts

You need at least the following domain accounts to install SharePoint 2010:

Basic Installation Accounts
Required Account Example
SQL Server Service Account sqlSvcAcc
SharePoint Setup Administrator spAdmin
SharePoint Farm Account spFarmAcc

For a development environment I suggest to set the following properties in Active Directory:

  • User cannot change password
  • Password never expires

Add the setupAdmin to the administrators group on the server where you want to install SharePoint:

Add the SharePoint setup administrator to the admin group.

SQL Server 2008 R2

Install SQL Server using at least the following features:

Select the following features to install SQL Server.

Now you need to use the SQL Server Service Account (sqlSvcAcc):

Add the SQL Server service account.

After you have installed SQL Server 2008 you need to assign permission to the setupAdmin account:

Grant the following roles to the setup administrator.

Note: You need to assign ‘dbcreator’ and ‘securityadmin’. ‘Sysadmin’ is only assigned since I use this account to manage SQL Server too.

Enable TCP/IP if it’s not yet enabled:

Enable TCP/IP for SQL Server.

Install SharePoint 2010

Install the remaining software pre-requisites:

Install the remaining SharePoint 2010 prerequisites.

Install SharePoint 2010 using a complete server farm installation:

Create a server farm using the complete installation.

If the installation wizard has finished create a new server farm:


Now you need to use the SharePoint 2010 Farm Account (spFarmAcc):

Configure the remaining steps to complete the installation.

Complete the configuration and Central Administration will open:

SharePoint 2010 has been successfully installed.