Installing SharePoint 2007 on Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 - Part 7: Configuring MOSS 2007

This article is a part of a series describing the installation of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) on a Windows Server 2008 with the newly released SQL Server 2008. The successful creation of a Shared Service Provider wasn't an easy task for me and included a lot of trial and error until I figured out how to do it right and what I have to think about during the configuration process. After that the creation is an easy task.

If you remember the domain accounts from the previous posts there are a lot of them which haven't been used right now. And here it's important that these account are domain accounts. Sometimes I experienced a problem or I have seen an error message and didn't know what to do until I found out that you need to use domain accounts and that you need to provide the domain in form of domain\account if you are asked for credentials.

For a successfully configured Shared Service Provider you need to configure the following: Excel Services, Business Data Catalog (BDC), Session State, User Profile Application and Office SharePoint Server Search. You can't chose the services you need you have to take all of them or none of them. The My Site and the Shared Service Provider Administration each require a new web application. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 doesn't have a Shared Service Provider on board.

Don't forget to read the comments below since they might include information which apply to your scenario.

Please have a look at


At the beginning you have to start some services.

Start the "Windows SharePoint Search Service" and enter the service account (aglaser\WSSsearchService) and the content access account (aglase\WSScontentAccess).

 Services overview page showing the MOSS services. Start the WSS search service.

After that start the "Office SharePoint Server Search" and enter the service account (aglaser\MOSSsearchService).
Please select "Use this server for indexing content" and "Use this server for serving search queries". Otherwise the configuration is not complete.

Start the MOSS ssearch service. Provide a MOSS search service account.

Now you can start the "Excel Calculation Services" (or not). You are finished with the services.

Start the Excel Calculation services. 

Shared Service Provider

Go to Shared Services Administration and create a new Share Services Provider (SSP).

Create two web applications for the SSP Administration site (aglaser\MOSSsspPool) and the MySite (aglaser\MOSSsspMySite) using the domain accounts specified earlier.

Create a new Shared Service provider. Create a web application for the SSP Administration site and the My Site.

After that provide the SSP service account (aglaser\MOSSsspService).
After naming the databases using your naming convention you can finish the configuration by clicking OK.

Enter the SSP service account. Use naming conventions to name your database.

After that the configuration of the Shared Service Provider is finished.

the configuration of the SSP is finished. Central Administration start page.

Profile Import

At the end of this process you should specify the profile import domain account (aglaser\MOSSprofile).

Go to the Shared Service Administration site. Provide an account for the profile import.