Install SharePoint 2007 on Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 - Part 3: Domain Accounts

This article is a part of a series describing the installation of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) on a Windows Server 2008 with the newly released SQL Server 2008. These accounts are needed to install SharePoint 2007 in a least privileges environment.

Please have a look at:

Account overview

In order to set up a MOSS 2007 farm you need the following domain accounts.

Please remember that this is just an example and that there are different naming conventions.

Note: Permissions are assigned later.

Account type Account name
SQL Service SQLservice
Setup Admin setupAdmin
Farm Account MOSSfarm
SSP Admin Application Pool MOSSsspPool
SSP MySite Application Pool MOSSsspMySite
SSP Service MOSSsspService
WSS Search Service WSSsearchService
WSS Search Content Access WSScontentAccess
MOSS Search Service MOSSsearchService
MOSS Profile Import MOSSprofile
MOSS Excel Services MOSSexcel

Add the user to your Active Directory. Make sure you have

"User cannot change password" and
"Password never expires" checked.

Create a user in Active Directory.  Make sure the user has the right account settings.

At the end you have the following accounts in your Active Directory:

All domain accounts listed.

Assign permission

After creating the specified domain accounts you need to assign permission for the setupAdmin account.

After installing the SQL Server (Part 4: Installing and configuring SQL Server 2008) you should continue with the following steps.

First of all connect to the SQL Server using the Management Studio and create a new login.

Create a new login in SQL Server.

Select the setupAdmin account and assign the following roles to that account: dbcreator and securityadmin.

Select the setup admin account. Give them the roles dbcreator and securityadmin.

After finishing you can see your account listed next to the others.

Finish the process.

At the end you need to put the setupAdmin account in the administrators group on every Application and Front-end server.

Open computer management and add the setup admin to the administrators group. The setup admin was added to the group.