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 Install SharePoint
 Learn Development

SharePoint Books are usually broad, unfocused, basic & generic. SharePoint Courses are very expensive, sometimes the instructor doesn't know how to teach. Sometimes the attendee knows more than the instructor.



Use Case: Install SharePoint

  •  Large Organizations need to plan and automate the creation of all their simple & complex farms
  •  Small and medium businesses need to cover their needs without an expensive external consultant
  •  Startups need to concentrate on their own work without struggling with the installation
  •  Service Provider need one solution to plan & install SharePoint for all their customers
  •  Developers need a clean working environment

Solution: Installation E-Book & PowerShell

Install SharePoint 2013

Install SharePoint 2013

Plan, Prepare, Install & Configure based on your requirements

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Install SharePoint 2010

Install SharePoint 2010

Plan, Prepare, Install & Configure based on your requirements

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Install SharePoint 2007

Install SharePoint 2007

Preparation, Installation & Configuration

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Daryl Sharpe | CEO of TEDI-Inc Daryl Sharpe

"I have been working in the SharePoint community for military, government, and commercial clients since the inception of MOSS 2007 performing advanced configurations, architecture, and .NET development.

During the early years of operating I was introduced to Andreas Glaser’s SharePoint material and have since relied on its accuracy and step by step displays to create both simple and complex SharePoint farms. His PowerShell scripts are accurate, easy to read, and assisted me in not only implementing configurations but also learning and understanding PowerShell features and capabilities.

Much of my evolution has been heavily influenced through the exposure of Glaser’s PowerShell which has allowed me to expand and grow into a more effective enterprise solution architect and .NET developer.

I consistently recommend these SharePoint tutorials to students, interns, and other resources that work with me in the SharePoint community. There is no other SharePoint resource I rely on more."



Use Case: Learn Development

  •  ASP.NET Developers want to have a successful, consolidated and easy start
  •  Beginners want to have focused information instead of a broad overview
  •  Developers want to learn concepts and implement solutions
  •  SharePoint Developers want to brush up their knowledge or reuse C# Solutions

Solution: E-Books, Videos & C# Source Code

Learn SharePoint 2013 Development (E-Book)

Learn SharePoint 2013 Server Object Model Development

Implement using the Server Object Model

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Johnny Brunson
InfoReliance, Senior Consultant, SharePoint 2013 MCSE, 2010 MCITP & MCPD

"As consultants in the SharePoint space we often threaten to write a build guide. But we never seem to have the time. Tight deadlines, rushed PM or customer requests, helping out a colleague in a pinch ... there's just never enough time.

So I hear about Andreas's guide from a friend and decide to give it a try.

I could not have been more pleased. This is the most comprehensive SharePoint build guide I have seen. He really covers it all, even the PowerShell scripts are included and I learned a thing or two from his code as well.

I highly recommend this guide! It will save you so much time and headache whether you're building a development or production environment.

Thanks for all the hard work Andreas, the SharePoint community benefits in a major way from dedicated folks like you."




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