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Learn SharePoint 2013 developmend based on real world use cases and step-by-step

  Avoid struggles with 800 pages professional books

  Understand and work with SharePoint 2013 step-by-step

  Based on Real World Use Cases and step-by-step examples

Don't waste your time with 800 pages professional books:

"I'm a junior .Net developer and I need to learn how to develop on SharePoint 2013.

I have some more than 800 pages professional books but it's really hard without seen anything about SharePoint...

At this moment I used ASP.NET WebForms and MVC to create web application.

I'm looking for some tutorial that helps me to understand and work with SharePoint 2013 step-by-step.

All I've found supposes that who is reading has worked with SharePoint before.

Can you help me?" ~ Yiyi Chen

How you can start SharePoint 2013 development the easy way...

Use Case based SharePoint Development E-Book:

  • Use Cases
    • Real World Use Cases & Examples of SharePoint 2013 development you'll learn to implement
  • Development Concepts
    • Understand basic concepts including APIs, Tools, Platforms, Server OM, Client OM, Apps, REST / OData
    • Understand detailed concepts including Server OM, Client OM, Apps, Visual Studio, Deployment
  • Development Environment
    • Get started without errors and drawbacks
    • Virtualization with Hyper-V, VMware, Active Directory and Network Setup
    • Development Installation, Tips & Best Practices
  • Implementation
    • Implement Basic C# Solutions: Web Parts, Controls, Event Handler
    • Implement Client Apps, SharePoint Apps
    • All based on Use Cases
  • Benefits:
    • Comes with ready to use C# solutions and scripts
    • Consolidated: See How & Where to start
    • Focused: Understand basics in a short time
    • On target for people tying to switch to SharePoint
Use Case based SharePoint 2013 development material

Get started Today & Successfully develop SharePoint 2013 solutions

Results & Benefits Get Started Professional
(Most used)
Understand Basic Concepts
Understand Concepts: Server OM
Implement C# Solutions: Server OM
Development Virtualization with Hyper-V, VMware -
Development Installation, Tips & Best Practices -
Understand Concepts: Client OM, Apps, REST - -
Implement C# Solutions: Client OM, Apps, REST - -
Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued

About the author

Benefit from 7 years of development experience for companies from the SWISS Top 500 companies.

Hi, my name is Andreas Glaser and since 2006 I realize SharePoint solutions for governmental organizations, the insurance industry, financial service provider and other.
I’ll break down the huge amount of complex information into simple, actionable steps that help you improve your SharePoint skills.


Will this material show me how to develop for SharePoint 2013?

Yes. You can start right now and implement you own Web Parts, Controls, Event Handler and Timer Jobs.

What if it doesn't help me?

No problem. You have 30 days free look. If it's no help you will get immediately your money back without hassle.

Risk Free!

"If I don't like the material can I get a refund, or is it going to be a big pain in the butt?"

It'll be a piece of cake! I'm not here to swindle you out of your cash, I'm here to help you in any way I can. If that means a quick and painless cancellation of your purchase, then that's what you'll get. Just send me an email within 30 days and I'll refund your payments pronto, no fuss no hard feelings. But let's be honest here, you're going to love this material ;)






Book details

The ultimate resource for Beginners and Professionals who want to learn SharePoint 2013 development. The book covers concepts and practice that worked in real world for my clients.
Published by: Andreas Glaser
Date published: Dec. 1, 2014
Edition: 1st Edition
Available in Ebook