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Install SharePoint 2010 with PowerShell

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Planning, Preparation, Installation & Configuration

  Avoid common installation & configuration mistakes

  Step-by-Step or automatic installation based on your requirements

  Up-to-date material (Current version: Jan. 2015)

Johnny Brunson

Johnny Brunson,
SharePoint 2013 MCSE

"I highly recommend this guide! It will save you so much time and headache whether you're building a development or production environment. "

"This is the most comprehensive SharePoint build guide I have seen."

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Daryl Sharpe

Daryl Sharpe,

"[...] have since relied on its accuracy and step by step displays to create both simple and complex SharePoint farms."

Full review


"Benefit from 7 years of installation experience, 75+ installed, configured & reviewed environments,
SWISS Top 500 companies and 100+ hours of refinement."


Avoid the common mistakes!

  •  Missing important installation & preparation steps
  •  Manually doing the same work again and again for different environments
  •  Wrong configuration leading to a new installation
  •  No planning before doing the installation

How you benefit:

Here's how you successfully deploy SharePoint and save 10+ hours next week: [1][2]


You can use a step-by-step Planning Example for your requirements:
  •  Up-to-date Hardware & Software requirements
  •  Installation Accounts
  •  Service Accounts

There are 20 pitfalls costing hours or days:
  •  Accounts & Permission
  •  Patches & Hot fixes
  •  SQL Server
  •  Windows Server

You can create simple & complex SharePoint farms:
  •  Pre-requisites
  •  Least Privileges + N-Tier installation
  •  Patches & Hot fixes
  •  Create a SharePoint Farm
  •  Join Servers to a Farm

You can setup each Service Application in minutes:
  •  Initial Configuration
  •  Service Applications, e.g. User Profiles, Search

Review #1

  •  Large Organizations use the material to automate the creation of all their simple & complex farms
  •  Small and medium businesses use the material to cover their needs without an expensive external consultant
  •   Start-ups are concentrating on their own work without struggling with the installation
  •  Service Provider are using the material to plan & install SharePoint for their own customers
  •  Developers are using the material to create a clean working environment

Daryl Sharpe | CEO of TEDI-Inc Daryl Sharpe

"I have been working in the SharePoint community for military, government, and commercial clients since the inception of MOSS 2007 performing advanced configurations, architecture, and .NET development.

During the early years of operating I was introduced to Andreas Glaser’s SharePoint material and have since relied on its accuracy and step by step displays to create both simple and complex SharePoint farms. His PowerShell scripts are accurate, easy to read, and assisted me in not only implementing configurations but also learning and understanding PowerShell features and capabilities.

Much of my evolution has been heavily influenced through the exposure of Glaser’s PowerShell which has allowed me to expand and grow into a more effective enterprise solution architect and .NET developer.

I consistently recommend these SharePoint tutorials to students, interns, and other resources that work with me in the SharePoint community. There is no other SharePoint resource I rely on more."


This Material vs. AutoSPInstaller

Features & BenefitsThis MaterialAutoSPInstaller
80+ p. Documentation  
Assisted, step-by-step PowerShell scripts  
Troubleshooting Tips & Help  
Preparation Checklist  

AutoSPInstaller is a good tool but lacks a thorough documentation, including planning, preparing, installing and configuring a SharePoint farm.

It's missing a step-by-step assistance for PowerShell scripts, which is required by a lot of beginners and intermediates.

Additionally, SharePoint specific Troubleshooting help and a 30 points preparation checklist are missing too which helps to prevent problems and to quickly find solutions if you're stuck.


Review #2

Johnny Brunson | InfoReliance Johnny Brunson
Senior Consultant, SharePoint 2013 MCSE

"As consultants in the SharePoint space we often threaten to write a build guide. But we never seem to have the time. Tight deadlines, rushed PM or customer requests, helping out a colleague in a pinch ... there's just never enough time.

So I hear about Andreas's guide from a friend and decide to give it a try.

I could not have been more pleased. This is the most comprehensive SharePoint build guide I have seen. He really covers it all, even the PowerShell scripts are included and I learned a thing or two from his code as well.

I highly recommend this guide! It will save you so much time and headache whether you're building a development or production environment.

Thanks for all the hard work Andreas, the SharePoint community benefits in a major way from dedicated folks like you."


Get started Today & Successfully deploy SharePoint in your Infrastructure

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Dev Environment: Installation, Tips & Best Practices -
Automate: 46 assisted, accurate, easy PowerShell Scripts
Preparation + Checklist -
Installation + Troubleshooting Tips -
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About the Author

Benefit from 7 years of installation experience, 75+ installed, configured & reviewed environments, SWISS Top 500 companies and 100+ hours of refinement.

Hi, my name is Andreas Glaser and this tool allows you to quickly respond to your business requirements. Avoid project interruptions and the loss of time and money. With more than 1.000.000 unique page views and 30.000 downloads my material has helped a lot of people to solve their needs and to grow into a better SharePoint solution architect.



  • January: Added detailed SQL Server collation settings guide


  • September: Added step-by-step Development Virtualization with Hyper-V or VMware guide


  • September: Updated software requirements
  • July: Added Service Pack 2 and installation notes
  • July: Added Cumulative Updates and installation notes
  • July: Updated Service Application Accounts & Software requirements
  • April: Added preparation checklist
  • March: Enhanced some PowerShell scripts

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I have a specific scenario, does it help me?

Yes! And here's why: Each part of the document is modular. If you just need a Windows Server and SharePoint that's OK. If you also need accounts planning, SQL Server and several SharePoint servers just add the parts to your individual installation process.

I'm a beginner and very new to SharePoint, is the book for me?

Yes. You'll get clear, easy to follow steps and lots of pictures starting with preparation and ending with a successful installation.

I'm experienced with SharePoint, is the book for me?

I've written the book with experienced SharePoint administrators and developers in mind too. There are lots of topics including PowerShell automation or accounts and permission planning for Web and Service Applications.


Doesn't a book go out of date as soon as it's published?

This is part of the reason why I made the book digital instead of hard-copy. I plan to update the eBook every few months so that you always have the most up to date information.

Does this material include Scripts for creating Service Applications?

Yes! There are scripts to create every Service Application like e.g. User Profiles and Search except Office Web Apps and PowerPivot.


Does this material cover high availability?

Although you can install multiple Web- and Application Server it doesn't discuss high availability or multiple SQL Server (clustering or mirroring).

Does this material cover Kerberos and SPNs?



I still have a question...

Sure just write me an eMail with your question and I will answer as soon as possible.


Risk Free!

"If I don't like the material can I get a refund, or is it going to be a big pain in the butt?"

It'll be a piece of cake! I'm not here to swindle you out of your cash, I'm here to help you in any way I can. If that means a quick and painless cancellation of your purchase, then that's what you'll get. Just send me an email within 30 days and I'll refund your payments pronto, no fuss no hard feelings. But let's be honest here, you're going to love this material ;)





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The ultimate resource for Beginner, Advanced, Administrators and Developers who want to install SharePoint 2010. Suitable for all levels, the book covers preparation, installation and configuration either step-by-step or using PowerShell.
Published by: Andreas Glaser
Date published: 03/01/2013
Edition: 1st Edition
Available in Ebook