The following SharePoint end user training is one of the best trainings I used or could find.

End user training is critical for the adoption of SharePoint since people are used to work with the tools they have and usually don't want to switch. Any new tool allows to improve the way of work but also has the risk of failing due to not communicating advantages.

How I would start:

Although I started as a SharePoint developer I quickly got all kinds of questions.

First it was difficult since they were very specific questions and while I eventually managed to answer them I didn't know a lot about basic functionality. As developers we try to implement things... even if they exist since we don't know about them.

  1. So I suggest learning the most basic stuff first.

It should be broad so you can see what's possible with SharePoint even if you don't know the details.

Next step:

  1. Learn details about important functionality.

You don't need to be an expert in everything.


  1. Only learn details about non-important functionality when you need it.

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Don't buy books!

Use videos! Instead of paying $20 for a book you can get dozens of high quality videos for the same price.

Udemy offers lots of SharePoint videos and some of them have great reviews because of their quality. You'll learn a lot and see exactly how it's done. Please note that I get a commission if you buy a course through a link below.

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SharePoint 2016 end user training

There's no SharePoint 2016 end user training because it's brand new.

Please use the SharePoint 2013 training material instead since it's very similar.

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SharePoint 2013 end user training

The following 2 courses show you how to use some of the most common features of SharePoint 2013. The second course covers more topics.

Course What you'll learn
SharePoint 2013 Fundamentals Use this to quickly get an overview how to use some of the most common features of SharePoint 2013 - in about an hour! Course details
SharePoint 2013 Complete Training Use this course to get a more complete overview. Course details

The following 2 course include a specific use case:

Course What you'll learn
Site Manager Learn everything about managing and supporting SharePoint 2013 sites. Course details
Quickly Create Quality SharePoint Surveys Everything about SharePoint 2013 surveys. Course details

The following videos doesn't include any background information and requires you to have knowledge:

Specific Videos (requires knowledge)
Create and set up a list
Start using a list
Introduction to document libraries
Organize and configure a SharePoint library
Sync libraries using SkyDrive Pro

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SharePoint 2010 end user training

The following SharePoint end user training is one of the best trainings I used or could find.

Course What you'll learn
Practical SharePoint 2010 Deep Dive into the Essentials This course is a deep dive into everything a brand-new user to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 would need to know to get up and running quickly. Course details
SharePoint 2010 Workflows Learn how to design SharePoint workflows using SharePoint Designer 2010, including creating task and approval workflows. Course details
Easily Create SharePoint Surveys in Minutes Everything about SharePoint 2010 surveys. Course details

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