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"Time is always limited. Pressure is on independent of your role in your company.
And that’s why there's Development Material so you don’t have to struggle with the same things I did. It took me weeks to find, understand, learn and test everything."

"The information you provide is consolidated, easy to understand and perfect in all aspects." ~ Prajakta


How you can use the Material:

  •  ASP.NET Developers use the Material to get a successful, consolidated and easy start
  •  Beginners get focused information instead of a broad overview
  •  Developers learn concepts and implement solutions
  •  SharePoint Developers can brush up their knowledge or reuse C# Solutions

Prajakta (e-mail) India

The training materials you provide are the BEST i have ever seen till date. It is helping me a lot to brush my Sharepoint concepts. The information you provide is consolidated, easy to understand and perfect in all aspects. Thank you so much!

Ramanathan (e-mail) India

The knowledge the document imparts is amazing. Thanks so much for making our lives simple, easy and successful as well.

Thomas United States

Thanks Andreas!!! I'm taking a SharePoint class and the instructor really knows SharePoint but he doesn't know how to TEACH it..!

SharePoint 2010 Development Review, Rated: 5/5, 02.10.2012

Thanks Andreas I am not good at English but I did understand what you said! It's amazing! My SharePoint career start from you, no word can express my thanksful. I appreciate it.

SharePoint 2010 Development Review, Rated: 5/5, 20.11.2012

I am completely a newbie to SP 2010. Your training is so great and I enjoy learning it. Great work :)

Omar (e-mail)

A lot of thanks to you to provide such amazing tutorial regarding sharepoint which is easy to understand.

This Material vs. Books and Courses

Solutions for your tasks
BenefitsThis MaterialBooksCourses
Details instead of Broad Overview
Use Cases & step-by-step instructions
No High Costs (Affordable)
Focused instead of overstuffing your brain

Books and courses try to cover a wide range of topics you may never need during your SharePoint career. Instead it takes only a few specific tasks, uses cases and step-by-step instructions to get started.

This material gives you consolidated and easy to understand information at an affordable price.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase a package from me and find that it doesn’t live up to your expectations, simply write me an email at and I’ll issue you a 100% refund on your purchase. I want you to be completely satisfied, nothing less.



Become a SharePoint 2010 Developer


3-Day Course

"Understand Concepts"

  •   What is SharePoint?
  •   Applications, APIs, Tools, Platforms
  •   Solutions, Features, Deployment

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"Do it yourself"

  •   Includes "Understand Concepts"
  •   How to: Implement Web Parts, Controls, Event Handler, Timer Jobs
  •   Not just 'Hello World' - How to: Implement CRUD + Logging (Create, read, update and delete data from Site Collections, Sites, Lists)
  •   Includes: 5 C# Solutions (Web Parts, Controls, Event Handler, Timer Jobs, Logging)
  •   Helpful Tips (Things to know before starting to save time & headaches...)

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Step-by-Step Videos

  •   Includes "Understand Concepts"
  •   Includes "Do it yourself"
  •   Video Step-by-Step, clear speech

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About the Author

Benefit from 7 years of development experience for companies from the SWISS Top 500 companies.

Hi, my name is Andreas Glaser and since 2006 I realize SharePoint solutions for governmental organizations, the insurance industry, financial service provider and other.
I’ll break down the huge amount of complex information into simple, actionable steps that help you improve your SharePoint skills.


Will this material show me how to develop for SharePoint 2010?

Yes. You can start right now and implement you own Web Parts, Controls, Event Handler, Timer Jobs or Workflows.

What if it doesn't help me?

No problem. You have 30 days free look. If it's no help you will get immediately your money back without hassle.



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Book details

The ultimate resource for Beginners who want to learn SharePoint 2010 development. The book covers concepts and practice that worked in real world for my clients.
Published by: Andreas Glaser
Date published: 03/01/2013
Edition: 1st Edition
Available in Ebook